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Coaching sessions

These sessions are to help you develop yourself. We begin with a first, free of charge 30 minutes meeting, to clarify what it is you need help with. On basis of what we decide, my job will be to help you set goals and decide on a course of actions that will help you get where you want.


The coaching process is very simple, we meet for a few sessions in which I listen actively, ask questions, give you feedback and share ideas to facilitate for you to achieve your desired goals. We follow up your development and make adjustments as we go. 


Whatever issue or area of life you wish to work on, I'll be right by your side helping you along the way. 

Meetings are 45 - 50 minutes long. I offer single coaching sessions or a package of 5 sessions. 


This work does not include astrology. If you are interested in coaching mixed with astrological work then this option is in the section for Astrology Consultations.


Price per single session: $89 

Price for 5-sessions package: $389

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