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Natal Chart Interpretation

Natal Chart Reading Options

An understanding of your birth chart will help you to better understand yourself. You become more aware of your weaknesses and strengths, your inborn talents and abilities, important life lessons and your life path. Transits are the current major planetary energies influencing your life at the moment and in the near future.  You will gain insight into what areas of your life are being activated and will be given guidance on the best approach as for how to make the best use of these planetary energies.    

An astrology reading focused on 1 - 2 topics most important to you.



30-Minute Reading

Full astrological reading which includes birth chart interpretation and current transits and progressions.


60-Minute Reading

An in-depth reading which includes the birth chart and major transits and progressions for the next 1 - 2 years.


90-Minute Reading

Predictive astrology

Planning Ahead of Time With Astrology


Wanting to know how the current movement of the planets in the sky are affecting you personally? You will gain insight into which areas of your life are being activated and what is coming ahead. You will receive guidance on the best approach as for how to make the best use of the energies influencing your life.   

30-minutes session

You receive a detailed reading of your transits for the next six month.




Six-Months Transit

60-minutes session

Detailed information of your transits, progressions and eclipses one year ahead.


One-Year Transit

60-minutes session

A yearly forecast that gives you an overview of what is in store for you one year ahead starting from your birthday. 


Solar Return


Relationship Compatibility


An in-depth analysis of the charts of two individuals will show how they interact with one another in a relationship. It helps you gain insight into the relationship and use this knowledge to improve it. Synastry can be used for all types of relationships and not just for couples. 

Includes interpretation of charts of two individuals to judge compatibility.



90-Minutes Session


Astrology & Coaching Sessions


These are coaching sessions blended with astrological work. Highly recommended for you who want to make an important investment in your personal development. With this level of commitment, results are far better and happen much faster. 

Includes a full

90-minute astrological reading

plus four sessions of 45 minutes.



5-Sessions Package

Astrology of The Newborn

Horoscope of Newly Born Children


A wonderful way for parents to get insight into their newly born child's personality traits and potentials. Such information helps in the process of parenting though it provides awareness, understanding, and knowledge that can be used as a guiding tool in the unfoldment of the child. 

Includes an in-depth interpretation of the natal chart of the child.



60-Minute Reading

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