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Astrology Classes


Welcome to the beautiful world of Astrology! 


Andrea loves to share her passion and knowledge of astrology with others. She teaches basic and advanced astrology classes in which she shares the essentials of astrology, so that you too can have this powerful tool in your hands. Learn how astrology can be used as a tool for: 

* getting to know and better understand yourself and the people in your life.

* getting to know and better understand your personal cycles and how to make best use of the energies 

surrounding your life.

* Healing yourself and your relationships.

* Find your life purpose or calling.

* Uncover your hidden talents and abilities. 

* Find the right career for yourself.

* Parenting - get to know your child's personality, talents and abilities and be a good guide.

* Live a more healthy life.

* Achieve spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness.

* Guidance in all areas of your life.



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