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On our journey through life, we go through different phases and we face difficulties and challenges or get stuck and need guidance. We may go through a crisis of some sort or we simply wonder about big life questions and seek answers. My work consists of helping people through these life stages. I use my skills as a personal development coach combined with my knowledge of astrology to guide clients in their process of personal growth so that they can heal personal issues, develop more self-awareness, discover their potential and direct their lives to where they want.


Astrology is the main tool which I use in my work. As complementary tools, I use numerology and tarot. These are very old metaphysical systems and powerful tools for self-transformation. Combined together, they provide a wealth of 

information and richness of depth, bringing clarity and insights into life situations and problems. What is unconscious 

becomes conscious to us. This is the alchemy of how they work. They reveal a person’s outer and inner personality, innate talents and abilities, unconscious tendencies, turning points in life and probable life challenges and lessons. 


My job is to help my clients integrate the information they get from the readings I provide, guide them towards finding the solutions, and coach them so that they can move forward with greater confidence, understanding and a greater degree of self-awareness. This, in turn, contributes to positive changes.


I love guiding people using these wonderful metaphysical tools and I am very happy to fulfill my soul’s purpose in this way.


- Andrea Rönnberg

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