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"If you desire someone who listens with compassion and guides with gentleness, Andrea is a great choice. She does a beautiful job at being empathetic and is very skilled at assisting people with tapping into their own personal power in order to transform their lives and find balance. I benefited greatly from my sessions with her and I highly recommend her services to people all over the world!" 


Ameenah Rashid


Andrea works for human development as a personal development coach, astrologer, and metaphysician. She combines her coaching skills with astrology, guiding clients towards a better understanding of themselves, their personal issues, life cycles and challenges.


Andrea's interest for the psychological and metaphysical side of life begun at a very young age. Driven by a deep desire to get to know and understand herself, life and the universe around her, she was drawn to books on all subjects relating to psychology, metaphysics and spirituality. She became a student of topics such as reincarnation, eastern mysticism, meditation, dream symbolism and dream interpretation, tarot symbolism, numerology and astrology. 


By the age of 38, a career crisis changed her course and set her on the path to her present work.


Her work is based on personal experience and over 25 years of explorations in the fields of psychology, metaphysics and spirituality. She is a certified Life Coach and Astrologer, and is trained in Psychosynthesis Process Work, EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) and Conflict Resolution. Further, she is self-taught in Numerology and Tarot. 


Andrea conducts lectures, workshops, and provides private consultations to clients. She teaches basic and advanced astrology classes, sharing her knowledge in an enthusiastic  and inspiring way. She is fluent in four languages: Portuguese (her mother tongue), Swedish, English and Spanish.


Andrea is based in Sweden but works on an international basis lecturing, giving private consultations to clients and teaching workshops.



You were born for a reason. Life has a purpose for each and everyone of us. And although life can sometimes be challenging, it's I my firm conviction that all of our experiences, including the most difficult ones, enfold a gift in their core, which in time we will be able to see, understand and integrate into our learning experience.

- Andrea Rönnberg


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