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"The time an individual is born is a unique moment in time and space in which the individual is charged with the energies surrounding that very moment and place of birth. These energies become our blueprint and shape our character and our lives."


- Andrea Rönnberg

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"The birth chart is your personal blueprint. It encodes your personal mystery based on the position of the sun, moon and other celestial bodies at the moment of your birth.


Astrology  is the study of human nature, an ancient  wisdom and universal language. It's a powerful tool that can help us unravel the mystery and find meaning behind our life experiences."


Knowledge and insights that will expand your consciousness and transform your life. 

”Knowing Andrea since many years, I’m happy to give my testimonial of her love and fascination for human nature, spirituality and the mystical side of life. Andrea’s passion for helping others to self-transformation is something indescribable! She has the ability to reach to one’s soul. The work she did on the birth charts of my whole family was something amazing. I wholeheartedly recommend her services and I'm sure you will have no regrets.


Maximiliana Oliver






I met Andrea through a friend. I was going through a rough patch in my life. Family conflicts, health problems, doubts about my profession... Had many fears bothering me which she helped me overcome through astrology, indicating me the best way forward. She heard me with patience and respect, encouraged me and today I feel much safer thanks to the support she gave me! She is a wonderful professional!


Sylvia Månsson



Andrea has been my coach. Our collaboration was during a short period of time but it felt very familiar and it was as effective as I could wish for. I experienced Andrea as committed, knowledgeable and a coach with patience. I have benefited greatly from her contribution. I know this will remain so in the future. So therefore, I gladly and wholeheartedly recommend Andrea to anyone who is looking for a coach to work with.







Handling Life Challenges and finding opportunities
  • Are you looking to better understand yourself?


  • Are you feeling stuck in your life?


  • Are you going through a crisis or dealing with a loss?


  • Are you feeling unfulfilled in your career?


  • Are you looking to discover your purpose or life path?


  • Are you seeking to discover your inborn talents and abilities?


  • Are you dealing with family or relationship issues?


  • Are you looking to connect with your spirituality? 



"My work is to pave the way for your own explorations, arouse your curiosity about yourself, your own individual issues and potential for development. Further your knowledge of yourself, your potentialities, weaknesses and strengths, your talents and abilities, your life path and how this knowledge can best be integrated and used in your career, relationships and your life as a whole."



"It's really exciting how Andrea contributes to the development of others through her knowledge of astrology. I got very good help from her as I was struggling to develop in my professional life. I received good counseling and guidance from her, which helped me move in a completely new direction in my career.  Also, it's great to see her commitment to ensuring that each person should feel important and significant! I hope you get a chance to meet her and experience this for yourself." 


Zümrüt W. 



Hello Andrea! It's Greer....just wanted to say thank you so much again for today...the amount of peace it brought me is so wonderful and I appreciate you helping me achieve that. Thank you for sharing your passion and talent with others to help them gain better understanding of themselves and truly makes a difference.


Greer B.


Soul healing

Expansion of consciousness

"It’s my pleasure to express my highest admiration and praise for the talents and extraordinary gifts of vision, insight and prophetic interpretation possessed by Andrea Rönnberg. It’s been my privilege to teach and tutor thousands of students over the past 50 years in Astrological technique and predictive astrology, and in all those years I’ve never had the privilege of working with such a gifted, intuitive and insightful student, as Andrea, who possesses all the earmarks of a great astrologer.  It is my humble belief that she will touch many peoples' lives with her love, wisdom, guidance, and astrological talents. If you’re fortunate enough to have a session with her, you will certainly discover how accurate and gifted she is."



Ron Watson

Astrologer, teacher & author of 

"The Greatest Story Never Told" and "The Cosmic Key to Astrological Predictions". 




"Andrea Ronnberg is a very highly qualified life coach who embodies a very acute ability to get to the core of her client’s problem, while at the same time making him or her feel special, important and listened to.

She has unlimited patience and respect for human nature, while enabling her clients to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, while guiding them to self-discovered solutions. I can recommend her without any reservations." 


Robert Najemy
Author and Life Coach Trainer




"I feel  having been blessed with Andrea as a coach. She is gifted with all of the high qualities someone is looking for in a life coach. An excellent listener with kindness, compassion, gentleness and above all non judgmental. Andrea has helped me resolve an emotional issue that has been burdened me for quite some time. After our sessions, and with her loving and intuitive support I felt like a burden had been lifted of my chest. Moreover, she has generously given me the tools to deal with future emotional challenges. She is a person with a genuine interest in helping people and I would, by all means, recommend her as a life coach." 


Katerina Filippidou



I found my sessions with Andrea very helpful and supportive. There was a focused attention and support that allowed me both to remain open and still delve deep into areas that were challenging. Her insights, guidance and direction helped me to find clarity, perspective and continue my personal work and growth. Her generosity and ability to understand the underlying issues were impressive and she has been great to work with.




"For very long I’ve wondered about the meaning of life, who I am and if I'm on the right path. On a esoteric fair, I met Andrea who with her good knowledge of astrology, her commitment and enthusiasm, provided me with the answers I was searching for. I did not know it was possible to extract so much information from a horoscope. I am so pleased and can highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed."


Lena Winberg

Nässjö, Sweden

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